Children’s classes

Ballet by the West London School of Dance (WLSD)

The aim of this class is to inspire in your child a love of music, movement and freedom of expression through dance. This is in line with the philosophy of Anna du Boisson, who founded the West London School of Dance in 1986. Students at this school participate in various forms of dance and may have the opportunity to perform in professionally staged productions. Charge. Call +44 20 8743 3856, email [email protected] or visit


This class is a fun way for children to learn movement and dance. Flamenco is a form of Spanish folk music and dance from the region of Andalusia in southern Spain. It includes cante (singing), toque (guitar playing), baile (dance) and palmas (handclaps). Charge. For more information, call +44 7507 571 086 or email [email protected].

Kung Fu

Learning a martial art is one of the best ways for a child to develop their confidence and character. Learning Kung Fu requires dedication and discipline, skills that he or she will need in later life.

The Shaolin Kung Fu – Gao Can Mun Nam Pai Chuan system has its roots and origins in the traditional martial arts practised by the Shaolin monks of China over 2,000 years ago. Charge. For more information, call +44 7941 630 477 or email [email protected].


  • WLSD Private · Payment class
    16.00 - 18.00
  • Pole people Private
    18.00 - 20.00


  • WLSD Private · Payment class
    15.00 - 18.00


  • Kung Fu with Kristin · Payment class
    17.30 - 18.30


  • WLSD Private · Payment class
    16.00 - 19.00
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Personal Training

Personal Training

Indulging Spa Day

Indulging Spa Day

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