Decleor’s holistic facials are famous worldwide for both feeling heavenly and producing stunning results. Every treatment begins with a unique diagnostic massage. Your skin will feel balanced, comforted and glowing with health.

Decléor Advanced Anti-Ageing Facial | 1 hr 10 mins | £70
Three technologically advanced facials to fight every concern, each with precise and blissful rituals. Based on 40 years of skincare expertise and utilising the latest technological breakthroughs in anti-ageing care, they bring a new lease of life to maturing complexions, offering dramatic improvement in skin tone and clarity.

Following a consultation, your expert therapist will recommend one of the following:

Hyaluronic Acid Wrinkle Resist
For immediately visible results, powerful ingredients and gentle exfoliation target lines and wrinkles. A mineral mask also lifts, plumps and firms for a luminous, younger-looking complexion.

Facial Lift Yoga
Energizing, but luxurious, this facial is inspired by Japanese KO BI DO massage, fighting against the signs of ageing. A collagen-rich mask infuses the complexion with skin-plumping nutrients. The skins natural renewal process is kick-started for firmer and visibly radiant skin.

Facial Pilates
Inspired by pilates, delivers a natural lift to the face, whilst helping reshape the contours of the face with a re-cushioning effect. The skin is left flawless and glowing with rosy youthfulness.

Decléor Aroma Expert Facials | 1 hr 10 mins | £65
A sensation of extreme absolute well-being. From a choice of 5, each facial features a concentrate of targeted active ingredients with renowned properties that will fulfil the needs of even the most demanding skin. Precision amplified by the specific application technique of our aromatherapy experts.

Following a consultation your expert therapist will recommend one of the following:

Moisture Quench
This super-hydrating facial quenches the thirstiest skin. It includes gentle exfoliation to smooth, then a nutrient rich mask to intensively rehydrate, for skin that’s supple and cashmere soft.

Oxygenating Pure and Matt
For instant clarity on dull, devitalised skin, this antibacterial and mattifying facial blitzes spots and shine. It includes Aquatic Plant Powders
and an oxygenating power mask for a brighter and shine-free complexion that’s simply flawless.

Divine Nutrition
By cocooning your skin in deliciously nourishing Essential Oils and active nutrients, this facial comforts, renews and repairs. Ultra-nourishing to feed dull, dry and exposed skin, it transforms complexions to radiant and satin smooth.

Harmonie Calm
Acting like a calming comfort blanket, this blissful treatment relieves stressed, angry skin. Powerpacked with skin strengthening Essential Oils and including a skin-perfecting peel-off mask, it works immediately for clear, soothed and resilient skin.

Hydra Floral Moisture Shield Anti-Pollution Facial
This facial uses three types of facial massage to help remove the harmful and ageing signs of pollution from the skin. The unique lymphatic drainage technique works to remove toxins from deep within your pores leaving your skin deeply hydrated, glowing and radiant.

Decleor Ultimate Vitamin Glow | 55 mins | £60
Power-packed with vitamins and anti-oxidants, this award winning facial melts away stress. Combines a rebalancing Essential Oil elixir plus a warm, decongesting mask for skin that’s purified, perfectly replenished and glowing.

Vital Eyes | 45 mins | £49
Put the sparkle back! Featuring repairing and intensively hydrating eye masks, this targeted treatment fights fatigue, quenches moisture loss and helps erase wrinkles for a sparkling, rested eye zone.

Discovery Facial | 25 mins | £40
Short of time? Discover why Decléor facials are world famous with this rescue remedy. Includes revitalising massage, Essential Oils and a gentle polish to wake-up tired skin, leaving it fresh and radiant.

Eyebrow Shape | 15 mins | £15

Eyebrow Tint | 15 mins | £12

Eyebrow Shape and Tint| 25 mins | £20

Eyelash Tint | 25 mins | £15

Eyelash and Eyebrow Tint | 25 mins | £20

New clients will require a tint test 24 hours prior to appointment. Pre-booking is required.

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Sarova Spa Signature Treatment | 90 mins | £90 
Developed alongside Decleor, exclusively for Sarova Spa’s, our signature treatment is truly a total body experience. Your expert therapist will begin with a back massage to ease away any aches or pains, followed by a revitalising calf massage and finally finishing with a bespoke Decleor Aromatherapy Facial leaving you feeling calm, relaxed and completely stress free.

Power Sculpt | 55 mins | £80
A new approach to body sculpting with this shaping ritual completely bespoke to your refining & firming needs. Thanks to a fusion of Essential Oils and plant oils freshly blended by your therapist, the skin is transformed. The body feels recharged and the emotions balanced.

Radiant Mum To Be | 1 hr 15 mins | £80
Safe and nurturing pregnancy ritual, suitable for pregnancies over 12 weeks. Relax while your highly trained therapist safely and gently treats your back, legs, tummy and face to a truly nurturing experience that helps reduce the risk of stretch marks, relieves ‘heavy’ legs and brightens skin.

New Mum Indulgence Treat | 1 hr 15 mins | £80
Combining a divine body massage, tailor-made facial and soothing mask, this rejuvenating and relaxing treatment has been specifically created for the needs of new mums. Leaves skin perfected and strengthened.

Aromatherapy Warm Stone Massage | 60 mins | £75
Stimulate energy flow while soothing body and mind with this heavenly massage that uses the warmth of heated stones to ease every tension. Decleor’s Aromatic Balms heighten the ecstasy and also supremely soften the skin. Just heaven.

Aromatherapy Body Massage | 55 or 25 mins  | £75 or £45
Everyday stresses and strains simply disappear with our heavenly Aromatherapy Massage to either relax, detoxify, tone or stimulate. The incredibly soothing sensation of the warm aromatherapy balms, expertly blended from an exquisite elixir of natural Essential Oils, melts away tension and eases stress for renewed energy and velvety skin.

Aromatherapy Body and Scalp Massage | 1 hr 20 mins | £105
Aromatherapy Body Massage with a face and scalp massage.

Swedish Massage | 25 or 55 mins | £40 or £70
This is a hands on massage with a host of profoundly relaxing techniques – ensuring tension, aches and pains simply melt away.

Red Island Exfoliating Ritual | 55 mins | £55
Inspired by the magical island of Madagascar, powdered fruit seeds and spices are used to polish skin leaving it exceptionally soft. Includes a Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage with warm aromatherapy oils to de-stress and re-energise.

Indian Head Massage | 40 mins | £45
Indian Head Massage is a gentle healing treatment based on Ayurvedic philosophy. It helps to relieve stress, tension, insomnia and migraines. It’s also great if you have trouble relaxing as it helps to clear your mind.

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If you have any injuries or need rehabilitation on a new or existing injury, Aquilla provides the necessary treatments to help get you back to full fitness.

Sports Massage | 25 or 55 mins | £50 or £80
A much deeper and effective massage designed for all types of injuries. Promotes muscle recovery through advanced massage and stretching techniques. It also helps avoid recurrence of pain and flare up.

Osteopathy focuses on the diagnosis, treatment, prevention and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal disorders. Treatment is based on mobilising and manipulating techniques, reinforced by guidance, diet and exercise.

All treatments below are performed by a fully qualified medical Osteopath and are available on Monday and Thursday, by prior appointment only.

Osteopathy Consultation | approx 45 mins | £75

Osteopathy Treatment | 30 mins | £65

Osteopathy and Acupuncture Treatment | 30 mins | £70

Osteomassage | approx 60 mins | £85

Osteopathic Course of Six | 30 or 60 min sessions | £325 or £425
Buy 5 get 1 free

Acupuncture | 30, 45 or 60 mins | £65, £75 or £85
Dry needling consultation

G5 Massage | 60 mins | from £85

Osteopath Reflexology | 30 or 60 mins | £65 or £85

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Deluxe Pedicure | 60 mins | £45
A relaxing foot treatment concentrating on hard skin areas, cuticles and nails, complemented with a foot massage and polished toenails.
Deluxe Manicure | 55 mins | £40
A manicure in which the cuticles are treated with oils and creams, the nail shape is perfected, and finally a treatment basecoat and colour are applied for the perfect finish to last until your next visit.
File and Polish (Hands or Feet) | 20 mins | £20
Express treatment for those requiring a fresh application of colour.

Brand Nail Colour Gel system featuring a Base Coat, Color Coat and Top Coat, works together like no other to deliver up to two weeks of high-performance wear with no nail damage.

Shellac Pedicure | 60 mins | £50
Nail shape, cuticle soak and work, massage, and choice of gel colour.

Shellac Pedicure and Soak Off| 1 hr 10 mins | £60
This includes the removal of the existing gel polish, followed by the Shellac Pedicure.

Shellac Manicure | 60 mins | £45
Nail shape, cuticle soak and work, massage, and choice of gel colour.

Shellac Manicure and Soak Off | 1 hr 10 mins | £55
This includes the removal of the existing gel polish, followed by the Shellac Manicure.

Shellac Application (Hands or Feet) | 45 mins | £35
Nail shape, cuticle push back and choice of gel colour.

Gel Polish Soak Off | 15 mins | £15
Removal of gel polish, followed by a protein based clear varnish to condition and hydrate the nails.

Half Leg | 25 mins | £25

Full Leg | 55 mins | £40

Standard Bikini | 15 mins | £15

Brazilian | 45 mins | £45

Hollywood | 45 mins | £50

Half Arm | 25 mins | £25

Full Arm | 40 mins | £30

Under Arm | 15 mins | £15

Lip or Chin | 15 mins | £10

Back or Chest | 25 mins | £35

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St Tropez Spray Tan | 30 mins | £28

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